iPhone X Over-Heating Issues: Problem, Solution, and Suggestions

Bought the latest Apple Mobile Model iPhone X and freaking out due to the frequent overheating issues? This post may help you then. Read the possible problem your phone may have, the solutions which can ease down the things for you and the suggestions to keep it healthy for long.

Apple is well-known for its sophistication and standard technology that they have managed to deliver via their handsets. Though, there are certain issues which act as a troublemaker for the brand. The recent launch of the brand was iPhone X. The handset has been engraved with many amazing features, yet there have been many reports of it being overheated after some hours of operation on it.


iPhone X is surely one of the most incredible smartphones but the issue of overheating makes it vulnerable. The reasons for such overheating issues are most likely due to two major reasons. iPhone X overheats due to certain external and internal factors. These factors can be minimized in order to stop the overheating of the handset. And you’ll always need the experts for a better service option. 

The Problem: Why my phone overheats?

iPhone X users have been facing the problem of overheating with the battery getting drained very fast. The internal factors involved in the overheating are processor overloading or excessive apps. The handset runs on an A11 bionic chip with 64-bit architecture and an embedded M11 motion co-processor. 

The processor may get overheated due to high graphics games such as Pokémon go or high definition videos and much more. However, most of the times, the problem persists due to the glass of the screen as it retains the heat and results in overheating of the device. 

The external reason for overheating includes keeping a phone in pockets for a long duration while the temperature of the surrounding is high or a direct exposure to sunlight can also cause the same. The operating-ambient temperature of the handset is 0° to 35°C. If your phone is able to burn your hands while you try operating it, it’s clearly not well. Such problem of overheating can be easily fixed by professionals. One such reliable and quick iPhone repairing firm is Fix my Mobile.

Getting Rid of Frequent overheating Issue from iPhone X

There can be certain reasons due to which the handset is getting heated, these issues can be resolved in order to eradicate the problem of overheating. The common solutions are as follows:

Solution 1 – Disabling the background applications

iPhone X comes with an amazing option of disabling the applications whenever required by the user. If at any moment, the user feels that the device is overloaded and is getting heated then they can scroll to settings -> General -> Background App, and then either refresh or disable the application which is not required for the time being. 

Solution 2 – Uninstalling the Battery drainers

One reason for iPhone X getting heated is its battery usage. If the battery is being used at a high rate then it will surely get angry with you (no offense). In order to solve this issue, the user must get rid of the large applications installed on their handsets. High graphics games are some examples of such large applications which take up around one to 2 gigabytes of space of the handset and a lot more RAM space too. 

The user must keep a tap on the detailed usage of every app in the settings option, which can help them uninstall the applications consuming more battery power.

Solution 3: Update the OS and Apps As soon as newer version arrives 

Keeping the iPhone X up to date is essential in order to get all the bugs and patches fixed for the applications installed. This updating provided by the application creators can help in fixing the problems that certain applications cause in the handset. Constant updating of the iPhone X may decrease the internal issues of overheating. 

Solution 4 – ReBoot 

One of the top and easiest solutions is to just switch off the handset for about ten to fifteen minutes and check if the heated handset cools down or not! Since switching off the iPhone X would put the processor and CPU of the handset at total rest. If not, then it can be a manufacturing defect and requires a check from experts at FixMyMobile.

Suggestions to Ponder – Must Read for iPhone X Users

There are some generalized facts that every iPhone X user must keep in mind when they counter the problem of overheating in their handset.

Get a standard back cover, since a cheap one can stop the heat inside and can become a reason for overheating of the handset.

Don’t use the iPhone while it’s charging. 

Remove the shell case, if you feel the handset is getting heated.

Try not to expose the handset to direct sunlight.

Final Advice

If your iPhone X is getting heated, even after checking all the above solutions and procedures, we would advise you to contact the Apple store since it can be a manufacturing defect. Or you can take the phone to iPhone Repair Center in Delhi and get the best repairing services.

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