Apple iOS 15.4 Update 2022: Jaw-Dropping Security updates you cannot overlook

We all have seen how Apple has always surpassed all the expectations with not just its new iPhone releases every year but astounding updates as well.

The release of the Apple iOS 15.4 update is imminent and might be out by the 2nd week of March, so that’s not a long time now, with a bunch of mind-boggling features including dozens of emojis, Face ID unlock while wearing a mask, universal control and what not!

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details

Unlock your iPhone without removing your face mask

In these 2 years of the pandemic, we have all experienced how unlocking a phone can really be a hassle with our facemasks. So, with the iPhone 15.4 beta version, we can see how the iPhone has levelled up with this new security feature. 

After successfully installing this new iPhone update, all that will be needed from your end is an extra round of face ID set up, that is, face re-scanning so that it can recognize unique features around your eyes for authenticating your identity. Once done, you can easily unlock your iPhone anytime, anywhere, even when wearing a face mask. Furthermore, you can even unlock your Apple Pay while wearing your masks! Isn’t it brilliant?

Universal Control

Then there’s this highly anticipated update – Universal Control, which is a part of the iPad variant of this software, iPadOS 15.4, likely to be out at the same time.

This new update will allow you to use multiple devices, iPads and Macs (with the upcoming macOS 12.3 update), that are signed in to your iCloud account, concurrently with a single mouse and keypad. 

For instance, if you have a MacBook Air alongside your iPad, your MacBook’s trackpad and keyboard can easily detect the iPad, and the same goes for the iPad if you have a keyboard attached to it. Pretty remarkable update, right?

iPhone Password Manager 

Apple has indubitably concentrated on shooting up its security features with this new password manager update. It is said that there was a discrepancy in the manner in which it saved our passwords, but this new update has proffered a remedy to this concern.

Regular iPhone users know how saved passwords can be seen without any username; numerous websites asking for usernames and password requests were the reason for this flaw. Worry not, this upcoming password manager update will help Safari complete these actions separately.

Emojis and Skin Tone Additions

How can Apple afford to turn a blind eye to adding some really interesting emojis for its users? Without fail, the beta comes with the addition of 37 emojis and 75 skin tones with saluting face, melting face, face with peeking eyes, to name a few.

In addition to the above-mentioned updates, the Apple iPhone 15.4 update has put emphasis on 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) code generator update and response time, Apple card widget in today’s view, etc.

Once released, you can easily install the iPhone iOS 15.4 by visiting Settings > General > Software Update.

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